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WF Training Tools

RST Training Center

Welcome to WF!  This page is designed to give RST's the basic tools to successfully engage Residents in your community!  Below we will lay out the 4 steps you will need to get established within your property.  

Snowy Mountain

Pre-Selection Process

WayForward is an amazing non-profit foundation created to care for the staff and residents at GVA Properties!  WF does this by recruiting amazing people and giving them tools care, love, and share hope within each apartment property!

Thank you for your interest, please start by watching the Introductory Video below!

Introduction to WayForward (Step One)
Training Basics (Step Three)
Urban View

Move-In Process

Now to get you into an Apartment!  This step can be challenging!  This will be the process in which you will select the property, apply for the apartment, and get accepted by the management.  Once you get moved in, you will start with WayForward!

Selecting Your Apartment (Step One)
Meeting Your Property Managers (Step Two)
Population Segment Ownership (Step 3)
Urban View
Praying Together

Fully Formed

Getting started!  Your first 30 days will be so very important!  Not only will you be getting used to the new environment, but you will be working hard to develop disciplines of gospel engagement!

Training & Shadowing - Gospel Engagements (Step One)
Leading Discovery Bible Studies (Step Two)
Saturation Vision & Weekly Reporting (Step Three)
Healthy Church & Multiplying Your Team (Step Four)

Questions? Let's Connect!

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