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Preparing your Extending Family on Mission!

This is a mature Dandelion. These simple weeds produce pretty little yellow flowers in my yard, and then after some time become these little fuzzy globes. My daughters love them. They love to pick the flower and of course blow the little seeds into the air. I bet that all of us at one time or another has done this activity. The irony of this is that I also work hard to get rid of Dandelions. They ruin my grass. They dry out quickly and leave brown spots in my yard. I buy Scott's Weed & Feed to get rid of these nuisances. Why do we want to get rid of them? Because they reproduce so efficiently!

One Dandelion flower can produce up to 172 seeds. One Dandelion plant can produce up to 2,000 seeds in one flowering season. That one harmless little yellow flower, or harmless little fuzzball can multiply many thousands of times within one season. That plant miraculously originated from a single tiny Dandelion seed. Imagine if each seed will multiply 2000 times per season. A yard, or field, or countryside could quickly be inundated with this cute little weed. Jesus challenges his disciples to do the multiply in the same manner!!!

We are working quickly to give you the skills to make disciple-makers. So how do you plant this disciple-making power in the leaders you are discipling? Today we want to introduce you to a road map that will help us communicate what we are doing, and where we are going. We hope it will be a good tool for you to use as you train new leaders in the future.

Simple Path to Multiplication

These are the simple steps we are working through:

1. GUIDE: Form a Huddle: Who are your three? Who forms the core group of your family on mission?

2. GO: Pray for the lost: Who are the 5 people that each member of your core group is praying for? Tools: ex. Person of Peace, Oikos, Prayer Walking.

3. GOSPEL: Share the Gospel: How often are you sharing the gospel? What tools are you using? Are they working? ex. 3 Circles, 2 Kingdoms, 1-Minute Story, Stories of Hope, etc.

4. GROW: Train new believers! How are you investing in new believers? What tools are you using? ex. Commands of Christ, 3/3rds

5. GATHER: Family on Mission: How are you gathering with believers as Church? Are you a part of a committed community that is growing towards Christ together as Family on Mission.

Of course, from there, each Gathering should form new huddles and start the cycle over again!!

2 Timothy 2:2 says:

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others."

How many generations of disciple-making do we see here? First generation, Paul the teacher. Second generation, Timothy the student. Third generation, the entrusted servants qualified to teach. And finally, fourth generation, these others. Yes, we see 4 generations in this one verse! We are praying that God will help us to train leaders who are able to train those who would also teach others.

Take a look at this new tool we are working on to embed training on specific tools:

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